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Boxed Up Expressions - Martina

Meet Martina of Boxed Up Expressions! We’re big fans & we know you will be too. Get to know her & her business below! 👇

Hi, I’m Martina. I started Boxed Up Expressions after purchasing 100, 10 cent purple mailing boxes 4 years ago during the holidays. I began assembling products that customers wanted to purchase, packaging them into those purple gift boxes. The response was overwhelmingly positive due to the convenience and appeal of these and this concept took off.

I founded this store to offer clients a more personalized and thoughtful gift-giving experience. From selecting the perfect gift to packaging it beautifully, I do it all. Our new store in the Westwood plaza has provided us with the opportunity to build stronger relationships with our customers. The physical presence has allowed us to showcase our products in a more tangible way, creating a memorable shopping experience. Being able to interact with our customers face-to-face has not only enhanced our brand recognition but has also fostered a sense of community and trust. The storefront has given us a chance to engage with the local community.

We believe that each gift should be as unique as the individual receiving it, and we take great care in selecting items that are sure to inspire and delight. 

Please feel free to stop in our shop or send us an inquiry for your next special occasion. We are passionate about creating opportunities to make special connections through our gifts.

It’s our passion to help you find the perfect expression to make your moments truly special.

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