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Heather Hunter of ElloSi Rolfing is a FOR Johnstown Community Partner

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Meet Heather Hunter – owner of ElloSi Rolfing! Wondering what Rolfing is?! Learn more about her & her biz below!👇

“I graduated from Robert Morris with a BS in Psychology & finished the Structural Integration program in Boulder, CO as certified Rolfer®. I discovered Rolfing in 2004 when I was treated for tendonitis in my shoulder & severe migraines. My pain was reduced within 6 sessions & more importantly I was given back control of my body. From this moment on I gained a hunger for knowledge on how the body operated & approached things with an openness to holistic treatments.

I always knew my desire was to help others, hence my degree, but life had a different plan. I ended up working in the logistics field for 12 years. My desire to understand the body had been growing & Rolfing never left my mind. I finally realized I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I became a Rolfer®️ myself. I knew it was    time to put my dream of helping others as my number one priority.

My goal in opening a practice in Johnstown, PA is to introduce a holistic approach to the body & how it functions. The body design is very intricate & gravity can weigh heavily on our bodies while pushing us into holding patterns we are not even aware of. I am here to help you change that. My business goal is to help people regain the body’s natural alignment as well as give hope to others that life & movement doesn’t have to be painful. I would like to share my favorite quote from Mary Bond. “Your body is not just an instrument that you turn over to me for re-alignment. Rather it’s a terrain of anatomy and experience, of space and time that we explore together, looking for the ease and grace that are your birthright.”

If you have any questions or just want to hear more about structural integration please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to chat with you.”

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