Meet Sunshine Hugill, owner of Mill House Cafe & Co. Sunshine grew up in Johnstown. She was brought up in small business and hoped that she would get to play a part in that aspect of the community in her own right some day. She was also homeschooled so her “pride” didn’t fall under a specific school or neighborhood but in the city of Johnstown itself. She has always been extremely passionate about emphasizing the grit and resilience of Johnstown instead of identifying it by the trauma and devastation that it is typically known for. She never knew exactly what she would do but she did know that she had been given a unique set of circumstances and did not want to take them for granted.

Mill House Cafe is a special place that holds a lot of moments for a lot of people. In 2018 Sunshine & her husband Jonathan were given the amazing opportunity to takeover ownership of the Westmont staple. They are a young family with a lot to learn so it felt kind of crazy to them to even think about taking the plunge ultimately however, they decided to go for it!

When beginning to make decisions about the direction they wanted to take the brand they knew that they wanted to honor the history of the cafe while cultivating the space into a hub for creativity and collaboration. Sunshine truly believes that Johnstown deserves quality things; coffee, whole foods, and celebration of the makers in our area.

Mill House & Co has become not only a space that is still safe enough to hold some of your favorite memories, but also a space that inspires people respect the foundation that our city has rebuilt on over & over. Grit, soot, & hard work run through our veins while we find beauty in simple things like drinking a cup of coffee in the crisp fall air.

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