Meet Karissa Grossmab! Riss is an MST therapist, US Army veteran, & the girl behind the camera of Photographs with Riss.

Riss is a Johnstown native— West End more specifically. She says that as she was growing up in Johnstown, it was always portrayed as a negative thing, but her whole life she always saw the positivity in this small town. The beauty in the history that is right under our feet— it’s breathtaking.

She says that on top of the beauty that is within our community, the resilience of our area is even more incredible. This area not only holds so much history, but it holds so much courage! She has always admired the small business owners who have brought this city back to life, & she feels so incredibly blessed be apart of it & to help capture it.

“Growing up here & never giving up on my city gave me the opportunity to grow & live out my dream. My dream has been to capture moments for those around me that they can treasure forever, & to show the world how beautiful our city is. Luckily for me; that is exactly what I get to do. I get to do it everyday, all one click at a time.”

Riss’s mission as a photographer is to capture the best moments in someone’s life & freeze them for a lifetime.

If you are wanting pictures to capture your loved ones, friends, or a special time in your life, make sure to Reach out to Riss for all your photography needs & give her some love!

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