Simple Nutrition Meals

For Johnstown family, meet Katie Gutwald, owner of Simple Nutrition Meals! When we say Johnstown is filled with the kindest entrepreneurs, we aren’t exaggerating! If you haven’t met Katie or seen the amazing food she creates, you HAVE to!

Here’s a bit about her!

Katie is very passionate about health & fitness. As a strength athlete & someone that loves being healthy & active, she couldn’t figure out why Johnstown didn’t have a meal prep service – so she decided to start one herself! Simple Nutrition Meals is a Johnstown based weekly meal service that creates convenient, quick & healthy lunches ready to heat-and-eat! Katie wants everyone to be able to live a healthy lifestyle – the meals & healthy dessert options on her menu provide an opportunity for just that! She is absolutely blown away by the support so far from Johnstown & the surrounding communities & is excited & hopeful to see what the future holds. For more information about Katie or the meals, you can visit her website at or follow along on her Instagram!

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